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Cut from a A3 sized piece of graphic and text paper. This large family tree can accomodate up to sixteen names plus pets too. (possibly more names if required, email me with your requirements)
Family Tree PaperCut
Love you to the moon & back PaperCut
A Few words are excited to launch this new fabulous product, which makes our bespoke PaperCuts more affordable & accessible. The New Home PaperCut is placed between two sheets of glass at the front of the box frame and the background can be a pattern or a plain colour of your choice. You can have up to six names plus I am happy to change the wording to suit. The patterns are a gorgeous Vintage Rose, very Cath Kidston, or a grey with white dots. You can also choose any block colour to suit your home.
New Home Box Frame - Personalised
Your family name with these lovely rules to live by.
Personalised Family Rules
A fun message for Mum using her name and the fun quote with the year you were born.
Mum - Year you were born
A beautiful message for Mum, letting her know how gfrateful you are for all she does and how my love her heart holds for you.
Hands Are Full - Perfect for Mother's Day!