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The Wedding or Anniversary PaperCut is placed between two sheets of glass at the front of the box frame and the background can be a pattern or a plain colour of your choice. You can have this as Wedding day or Anniversary plus the Date at the bottom of the cut. The patterns are a gorgeous Vintage Rose, very Cath Kidston, or a grey with white dots. You can also choose any block colour to suit your home.
Wedding / Anniversary Box Frame - Personalised
Here is the opportunity to have a print completely set to you and your family.
Our Story
Celebrate the first anniversary "Paper" or even a fabulous wedding day gift with this splendid design
Wedding/Anniversary Papercut
Perfect for Valentines day, weddings or anniversaries or just to remind someone how much they hold your heart. You can choose the words and the colour of the heart.
Love Heart PaperCut
Paper Cut from  A3 size sheet of text and graphic paper.
Family Heart PaperCut
Paper Cut from an  A3 size sheet of text and graphic paper.
Sugar Skull PaperCut