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By Katie Smith, Feb 1 2017 11:31PM

So, so excited that I was asked to design a bespoke family canvas for such an amazing family who have had their home transformed by the Big Build DIY SOS team. I'm over the moon it was featured in show.

Videos can be seen on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/afewwordscouk

In July 2015 a company I sell my products through, Dorothy & Theodore, got in touch. They had been asked to help with the interior finishes for the BBC's DIY SOS Big Build. I was asked if I could design a bespoke canvas, but they needed in within 3 days.

I got designing and spoke with my canvas printer who I paid to express the canvas to get it there on time. It was a close call but we made it! I have never seen the canvas, as usually they come to me first for approval and gift wrapping, the first time I saw it completed was on the television last night. Thankfully it met my high standards and I imagine the designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's too as he would have had the final say on the items allowed in the home that complemented his final design plan.

I am delighted that it was featured so much, I didn't think it would make it on to the show and was truly glad that they would have just had my design as a gift, being shown on the TV was a great & exciting bonus for me.

My design behind Nick Knowles
My design behind Nick Knowles